At SIM Switchgear, we believe in the power of protection. 

We’re a team of specialists, electrical and mechanical engineers and consultants. Above all, we’re thinkers and doers that are fully charged. So much more than our technical knowledge, it’s our attitude and mindset that sets us apart, in a world that will always be ‘ON’

Our global presence and ability to work in challenging environments means as a team we’re set up to channel our power and keep focus. We can ramp up our energy, making sure we are best placed to keep the flow and ensure the clients we work with, keep moving. 

SIM Switchgear is equipped to deliver a full range of services, including routine maintenance and full-service inspections. Our skilled team of engineers are trained on all aspects of electrical switchgear health checking procedures and our specialist logistics department ensure all equipment is delivered on time and within budget.

Our range of test equipment for circuit breaker protection relays and panel mounted current and voltage relays is very comprehensive and includes testing for most relays. If we find we do not have one available, we will make every endeavour to source one.

In a connected world, we bring solutions. We’re proud to have adapted to deliver our services to industrial, commercial and public sectors as well as offshore and marine. 

The nature of our work means we’re often exposed to extreme challenges and scenarios where our skill, mentality and hunger for the best outcomes powers us through.. It’s clear to us our progressive approach is our differentiator. Collectively we create a positive power, a charge and an energy that is recognisable in each and every member of our team.

We are SIM Switchgear and we are the power in electrical engineering.


Switchgear Service


Our workshop engineers will carry out all types of repairs, refurbishment and modifications to equipment from circuit breakers to complete switchboards. We also specialise in the refurbishment of fire and flood damaged switchgear, from the removal and return to our works for repair. We provide re-installation and re-commissioning of the plant and associated equipment.

Switchgear Service


Protection Service Areas:
• Generator Protection
• Motor Protection
• Feeder Unit Protection
• Busbar Protection
• Transformer Protection
• Synchronising Devices
• Translay
• Buchholtz
• Tripping & Control Equipment

Switchgear Service


Our design team is constantly designing new equipment which incorporates the latest technology from Vacuum Circuit breakers to Air Circuit Breaker technology to replace either worn out or dangerous circuit breakers.

Switchgear Service


Infrared thermography of electrical equipment is a vital preventive maintenance inspection technique, which can give instant real-time temperature of the electrical equipment. Thermal image inspection can help identify areas of insulation break down, loose connections and areas of abnormally high resistance that would ultimately lead to asset failure. It is also proven to provide substantial cost savings to the user.

Switchgear Service


SIM Switchgear engineers are specifically trained on all aspects of electrical switchgear, from the routine maintenance and repair of the mechanical aspect of the equipment to the periodic testing of the protection systems and associated relays.

Switchgear Service


SIM Switchgear provide clients with a comprehensive instrument calibration and repair service to ensure the integrity and performance of equipment. We utilise the latest diagnostic equipment available to ensure the highest possible standard of calibration. Each calibration is issued with full report and certifications.


Working closely with customers, consulting engineers and contractors, we design and manufacture low/medium voltage switchgear solutions in a timely cost effective manner.

Switchgear Service

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